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Laurie’s Bio

It was on a junior high school stage playing the role of Guinevere in King Arthur’s court, that Laurie first discovered her love for the theater. On that stage, a plain girl with ugly glasses and too many bad hair days, was transformed into a beautiful, elegant queen. It was a magical moment and the beginning of her love affair with the theater.

Drama remained an integral part of Laurie’s life throughout high school, college, and later on in community theater. But it was when she assumed the directorship of a drama group, that Laurie discovered a new off-stage love. She found directing was as much fun as acting—watching young and old alike blossom onstage was incredibly rewarding. This new phase took different forms until it eventually led to the Stories-on-Stage Acting Studio where adults, teens, and children discover hidden potential.

Another exciting phase of theater life was set in motion when Laurie began writing monologues based on her life experiences. To share these signature pieces, she created  humorous and relate-able characters. These roles reach directly into the hearts and souls of her listeners. Audiences laugh, and sometimes cry, but always agree with the timeless insight delivered by these endearing characters.

The joy generated by Laurie’s stories on stage is perfect for such a time as this. Guinevere would be proud!

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