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Life by God's Design Women's Conference

Grace Fellowship Evangelical Free Church

North Stonington, CT

 May 7, 2016

Keynote Speaker DAWN LINTON 

"From Story to Legacy"

  Dramatist LAURIE KINCAID will bring three nameless Bible characters to life to share "the rest of" their stories. You're already aware of their legacies.

Contact the church office for registration information:





As of August 1, 2014, the Stories-on-Stage Outlet Store is open for business,

featuring our "It's OK to Laugh" stationery  line.

Just CLICK on the My Cards tab to view our selection of notecards and postcards.


They say, "A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step." I suppose "they" are right, because it feels now like I'm 1000 miles away from my first step, that first time I dunked paintbrush into paint and dared to spread it across the paper. The designs now available to you in boxed sets of notecards and postcards were some of those first steps in my personal journey of recovery from cancer. In the process of healing, I painted, I hooked rugs, and I wrote.

I hooked rugs because a class was offered through the local cancer support organization and I had a few chairs that needed seat covers.

I painted because a class was offered through the local cancer support organization, and I wanted once and for all to get over my self-deprecating "fear of paint".

I wrote because I had to. I had to somehow understand the upside of this new chapter in my life. I wrote essays, essays about those episodes that were pertinent to specific steps forward in my journey. Some of the essays are contemplative, most are just funny.

Yeah, it's a little different 'take' on "The 'C' Word", but in the long run, it really is ok to laugh!

Watch for the "It's OK to Laugh" book, which will include both essays and illustrations!

Also, I'd be honored to present the monologue of my personal story to your group. It's not a 'cancer story', it's a story of hope, hugs, and humor, 'cuz everyone needs a hug... every day!!!



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