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From the stage presentation and upcoming book of the same name,

"It's OK 2 Laugh"

5" x 7" Notecards and Postcards These 8 paintings and one collage were done at the art class where I faced my "Fear of Paint". Taking brush in hand, I dared to approach the 18"x24" piece of paper and apply color. The teacher was kind, and my classmates, encouraging. ME? I was just really surprised at what got accomplished by just being brave.

Each design is a colorful reminder of the steps of post-surgical progress to be made with others walking the same path, finding joy and hope in each little achievement, never alone.


9 Notecards w/ Envelopes: one of each of the nine designs: $19.95

9 Postcards: one of each of the nine designs: $12.95


12 Notecards w/ Envelopes: 12 cards of a single design: $24.95

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